If you do a lot of driving or like to get out and about on foot then it might be a good thing to have a GPS like the TomTom XL 325S 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator. It comes with up to 3 million points of interest, 5 route options and spoken street names which will be invaluable to the driver.

To start with the GPS with its grey and black design won?t look out of place on the dash. At 4.7?x 3.2?x 0.9? deep it?s small enough to be noticed when needed yet unobtrusive when not. A large 4.3 inch screen adorns the 325S Navigator which is capable of producing 64,000 colors in 480x272 resolutions, and is bright enough for the user to see even in bright sunny conditions.

Inside the device is 30MB of internal memory which can be used for more points of interest and other personal and favorite things the user wants to store like schemes. The USB port on the TomTom XL 325S 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator allows one to connect to a personal computer for charging and to download updates and any other software one may need.

Plenty of features are included with the GPS Navigator including the TomTom Home which will make sure your device is always up to date when on the move. Another helpful feature people might like is the Help Me! Menu which can display the emergency services and hospitals in the area. The safety preferences allow the user to pick particular alerts including school zones and speed warnings. If one likes to change the route from time to time then the 5 route options allows for the scenic, fastest or even a walking tour option plus others all designed to make the journey more enjoyable. Also included are 3 million points of interest which give the user specific points of interest like restaurants and gas stations, critical if the journey is long.

A favorites menu allows for one to store those favorite destinations and all at the touch of a button. Text to speech technology quickly and effortlessly tells the user where they are and offers spoken street names and directions while you keep your eye on the road.

Reviews are hard to come by but the reviews available are in favor of the TomTom XL 325S 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator. Ease of use and long battery life once uncoupled from the car are amongst the favorite features along with a reasonable price.

If one is a regular driver especially long distance driving then a GPS system like the TomTom XL 325S 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator will be an invaluable aid in getting from A to B. It contains all the features a driver could need and use and even when uncoupled and used independently the device can be a hit when it comes to getting out and about on foot. Another good feature is the price. It is competitive for this kind of GPS device and it won?t break the bank. Whatever you need a GPS for this device could be an invaluable asset in the car and on foot.

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