The Go 730 by TomTom is a mid range GPS system that has many other features apart from just assisting the driver with navigation. The device does not include the super advanced features of high end models that are available at a much higher cost though. The device can be pretty good for those who want to upgrade from a very basic GPS that is not capable of doing anything else other than giving driving directions. The unit is also good for those who do not like the functionality of competitor GPS brands like Garmin and Magellan.

The reception of required satellite signals is done quickly enough by the GPS after turning it on and recognizes the current location with ease. It then calculates the route to the given address almost instantly. The process of inputting the destination address on the device is a breeze as it has the speech to text feature which allows the driver to speak to the unit. This can be very convenient if the user has to enter an address while driving as he can do it hands free. The 4.3 inch wide screen of the unit is bright and clear making it easy for the driver to view it from a distance. This also makes it convenient to mount it far from the driver in a comfortable position. The menus are logically arranged like in all TomTom units and are therefore easy to navigate through to select the desired option.

The GPS device has Bluetooth pairing compatibility that allows the user to pair up his mobile phone to the unit thereby making and taking calls using the hands free option that comes as a result. The unit can also playback mp3 music that the user stores in it and hence acts as a pretty decent music player too. TomTom also gives map updates four times a year unlike the alternate manufacturers which give them once a year and the cost of these updates is also very reasonable when the ease of use is considered. All the features and options present in the device can be adjusted according to the user?s interests and hence it is a highly customizable device.

Battery life seems to be the biggest problem in this model as the user has to always keep the unit plugged to the car battery to keep it going. The mount of the device is the basic suction cup mount but an improvement in that area would have been better for the device. The Bluetooth of the unit has certain compatibility issues and may not connect efficiently with all models of mobile phones. The refurbished version of the same product has really old maps and the website says that free updates are not possible for them. The device may take a long time to recalculate a route when a turn is missed or when the user deliberately goes in another way. It cannot identify a few old and famous points of interest and this maybe disappointing when the user is in an unfamiliar city.

The GPS thus is good for those who wish to upgrade and do not want the data features of live traffic and weather.

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