The Motorola Motonav TN765T 5.1 Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Traffic by Motorola is much more than a GPS Navigator. With the ability to give instant updates to the road ahead and seamless integration to your cell phone the TN765T from Motorola could be a driver?s best friend on the long road ahead.

This GPS navigator and its candy bar appearance looks cool and unobtrusive on the dashboard and the display which is 5.1 inches and a touch screen is big enough without taking over the dash. Most navigators have live traffic events these days and this one is no different. Live events basically tell you of any problems on the road ahead and offer different routes to avoid any disruptions to your driving.

The Bluetooth onboard will connect to your Bluetooth enabled cell phone effortlessly and synch with the phonebook. Voice recognition on the Navigator allows you to make hands free calls without taking your hands off the wheel or pulling over to make that call and with the noise cancelling technology your calls will be clear as a bell.

Other exciting features include the ability to hear your text messages whilst driving. The GPS will read any messages out loud for you and then has the ability to send automated replies all while you drive.

You can check if your flight is on time or maybe check the weather forecast, as the GPS can supply all that and more, including the location of safety cameras in your area. All this is done via Bing? which is available along with Google Local Search. If you want to save any searches then you can on the 4 GB of memory which is onboard the GPS and should you need more you can upgrade to another 4 GB with a micro SD card.

All these features require a good battery and this device has one. An in-house recharger will charge the battery without you having to remove it. And from one charge you get an impressive 2.5 hours of continuous usage out of it.

Consumer reviews for this sat-nav are plentiful around the internet with a pretty mixed bag when it comes to performance. One or two of the reviewers have had problems that include inaccurate voice commands and not being able to locate particular roads or premises. Giving wrong turn commands is pretty dangerous especially if the area is unknown to you so maybe Motorola should look into this. The item is relatively highly priced, even with discounts.

The Motorola MotoNavTN765T seems to have a few teething problems it needs to address before it will gain wider acceptance by consumers. The candy bar design is sleek and ergonomic enough to blend in with the dashboard. But underneath lays a couple of problems that Motorola should look at, including the wrong turn commands. It does have a good touch screen LCD screen with plenty of options, from what?s happening ahead to flight arrivals and the local petrol prices, but are those options alone worth the large price tag that comes with it?

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